A Creative Curriculum with a Fun Approach

A Unique Approach

Our certified and credentialed instructors create activities and let children explore, all in a supervised environment. For us it is all about helping children develop and grow both independently and cooperatively in groups.

Our Mission

Our vision at Seed to Sprout is to provide  enriching learning environments that allow children to explore the world through nature based learning.  We believe that every child learns differently so we provide a wide array of activities to foster this growth academically and socially.  We believe teachers should be available to guide as needed.  This helps to instill a love of learning, create achievable challenges and overall success for all children of any age.

your child


Operating for more than 10 years, Seed to Sprout Learning Center is a respected and admired early childhood learning center. Our curriculum and Reggio Emilia inspired teaching methods are based on proven engagement and interaction models,which provide children with engaging and direct learning.  Research tells us that children have endless opportunities in which to learn, so we offer activities that support learning at all times:  centers, teacher led activities, art, literature, music, sports, sensory, science and play.  The children have no idea that they are learning important life long skills.

       What Parents Have to Say

"   " I cannot thank Seed to Sprout enough for everything you have done for my son and o     our family.  We have been through many changes lately and having  Seed to Sprout a      as a constant in his life has removed a burden.  Thank you for everything." Julie C.

         "My child loves her teachers and enjoys being outdoors."  Sarah W.